Hub Documentation

Keeping everything connected has never been easier then with the inclusion of HUB for your document storage. Throughout BUSINESS, Hub can be found for a plethora of things. What exactly is a Hub? Hub is a centralized location within BUSINESS to store and share any links, documents, posts and other content within your company!


Whether its putting together a big project, gathering all the forms for a candidate and/or employee, or managing any documents with their respective orders, BUSINESS offers a Hub for that! And with no limitation as to how many folders or files you can have in a given hub, users can add as much documentation as is necessary. Companies need a solution for data storage and data management whereas information is efficiently maintained and stays connected to related data.


A great resource for any company department; users have the ability to store documents underneath the Company Hub with their own sections. With the versatility to include as many content groups as is necessary, one content group could hold all of your HR documents and the other for Marketing. With the option to create folders for any area of concentration, users can associate any post, document, and link that needs to be shared with any individual. A huge benefit to storing your data on a Hub is managing the access to each and every folder and file. On the drop-down, choosing to Manage the Access into a folder, for example, is as simple as choosing the employee, team, or division. However, it doesn’t stop there; from the chosen selection one may decide whether this individual/team/and division will have Full Access or View Only for the folder or file.

BUSINESS offers the ability to replace any previous upload with any other file; a useful tool that is beneficial in updating data without having to start from the very beginning. With the ease of editing information and moving data to other groupings, the accessibility of your documentation has never been easier and more manageable.


As mentioned previously, hubs can be found in various areas; from each employee, candidate, order, team, project, customer and vendor. Another interesting place to find a hub is within your opportunities! Managing your opportunities is all about providing a simple way to control the information coming from your pipeline and all the follow-up information that stems from that – so it would make perfect sense to utilize a hub in this area!


When it comes to Customer Assets (for example), the hub is a wonderful place to keep record of the files that aid your business in developing, operating, and maintaining your customer’s satisfaction and relationship. Keeping information in one area will benefit any work done with your customer’s asset and with a high level of organization to accompany that, one can rest assure that their customer’s experience will be a positive one. It’s no secret that the customer experience plays a major role in the success of a company, and with a system set up to keep your documentation in order, it’s one less thing to worry about.