Manage Reports with the Report Builder

Building your own report in BUSINESS allows you the freedom to pick and choose the areas that best capture the data you intend to extract. When it comes to the report builder, the management and diversity available to you as a system user will stretch far. With 23 datasets to explore from, users can report on any of the available columns pertaining to their selected datasets. So, whether it’s reporting on the Sales Order Details dataset where we can gather data on an order’s Item quantity and amount or the Customer dataset where users can run reporting to check in on their credit limits and much more, there’s a way to grab the data necessary to make your job that much easier.

Report Builder Info

The Use of Filters in Report Builder

Smoothly manage the use of filters that help to narrow the criteria in on your dataset. This will allow for a cleaner reporting of data as the user sees fit. Users can manage their filter by an ‘Add Filter’ or ‘Add Group’ option. This will also help determine how the criteria is found and/or grouped together when you run your report. Better yet, have access to determine the order of your reports by choosing the default sort – and based on the selected columns, you’ll be able to determine that in a breeze!

Report Filters

Consolidate Reporting

Our report builder also features a ‘Grouping Configuration’ section where it makes it simple to group results. This is different then aggregating columns since aggregating will take the sum. average, minimum or maximum of a column and configure it that way. By grouping the configuration, we can also choose to hide details. Hiding details will come in handy when it’s preferred to have a total summary. This will save a lot of time for users who may run with a lot of data and would otherwise go page to page to make their calculations. Save yourself the time by consolidating your report. Let’s keep in mind, you can always edit the configurations and choose to un-hide those results if they are necessary to your reporting.

Report Configuration

Share Reports Externally

Even more so, enjoy the convenience of downloading your report for further sharing capabilities by means of our .CSV export. Keep in mind that users in BUSINESS may share their reports with others but those users will not be able to change the report in any way. The potential of having a .CSV file will be very useful to share within emails and other correspondences – especially in customer matters. The newest addition to this is enabling access via API to a report. By enabling this, users can obtain their own unique key for a custom report. A benefit to doing this is that security has been added to insure each employee has a unique key – even if they are not the owner of the report. Want to make sure no one gains access to the report no longer? Easy, users may disable the key at any time granting no access to the report! You may see this of benefit in instances where a report can be shared with someone who does not have access to BUSINESS.

Export Report File

Overall, creating reports in BUSINESS leaves the user with a lot of creativity and design layout to get the best results they need. From choosing a dataset to setting who is able to view the report, BUSINESS delivers!